Our youth programming centers around the multi-session Young Men’s Group. We are also able to accommodate requests for single-session youth programming. 

Best practices suggest that multi-session programming is required to affect long-term change in the attitudes and behaviours of participants. As a result, we have created our Young Men’s Group (YMG), which is a fourteen-week evidence-based program that provides male youth in grades seven and eight with the tools for healthy relationships. This group also provides participants with a safe space to connect with male peers and positive male role models from the community. For many participants, this group represents the first time that they have been given permission to make themselves vulnerable in front of other boys and men. The curriculum for this group has been adapted from the 4th R: Healthy Relationships, Safe Choices, Connected Youth program.

For CYWs or teachers in the Waterloo Region interested in hosting a YMG, you can share our program overview with your school administration and contact us to arrange a time to meet.