Looking to provide professional development for your staff team?  The Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region and Male Allies can provide an engaging, informative experience which will promote creating healthier and more inclusive spaces for all employees. All of the below workshops have elements of engagement through activities, discussions, and open question periods in order to provide the best possible outcomes for all attendees.

The #RaiseTheBar program, generously funded by the Department of Justice, can help your organizational culture thrive by providing staff, managers, and business owners alike with tools through training workshops that encourage more inclusive and equitable workplaces, a deeper understanding of sexual harassment policies/legalities, bystander intervention techniques, and what it means to be a Male Ally in the workplace.

These workshops provide an engaging, informative experience that can strengthen your workplace culture for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations. Listed below are the standard workshops we offer (we can also provide any workshops listed here). We also offer customized programming based on your industry and needs.

#RaiseTheBar Workplace Equity Training

How do we address unsafe workplace cultures before lines are crossed or legal issues arise? In this highly engaging workshop, we will focus on examining how different actions, behaviours, attitudes and beliefs contribute to healthy or unhealthy workplaces.

We will help participants explore:

  • Current statistics on how people of all genders view their workplaces right here in Waterloo Region
  • Recognizing and addressing negative internal/unconscious biases as well as day to day habits, comments and small actions which can have a large impact on peers
  • Creating gender equity in the workforce, in the boardroom and on panels/special committees
  • Benefits to the internal cultures, retention rates, and employee satisfaction of organizations that make a consistent ongoing effort to strengthen the culture within their organization

This workshop covers the legal rights and responsibilities of employees/employers, and also helps participants think about how we can move beyond a policy threshold and #RaiseTheBar in our workplaces.

Workplace Sexual Harassment Legalities/ Responsibilities

Workplace sexual harassment is a widespread issue, spanning companies, sectors and communities. In this workshop participants will learn about harassment, including the legalities within Canada and Ontario, as well as rights and responsibilities as employees/employers.

 Workplace Bystander Intervention

This workshop provides participants with a foundational knowledge of what sexual violence is and discusses what effective bystander intervention looks like in the workplace. There will be an opportunity to explore how you can safely intervene, and what the effects/benefits are of different intervention tactics.

We will provide tools for colleagues, managers, and business owners to support one another:

  • When they witness incidents,
  • In providing support after an incident
  • With ways to examine power structures that may enable inequities and how to prevent future incidents so that people of all genders feel safe at work.

Workplace Male Allyship

What does it mean to be an ally? How can you be an ally in the workplace? In this workshop, participants will learn about the process of allyship, including understanding our own power and privilege, and tangible steps we can take to support our colleagues.

Please email PubEd@sascwr.org to organize a training