Looking to provide professional development for your staff team? Male Allies can provide an engaging, informative experience which will promote creating safer and more inclusive spaces for all employees.

Listed below are the standard workshops we offer (we can also provide any workshops listed here). We also offer customized programming based on your industry and needs.

Addressing Sexual Violence Culture/ Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
In this workshop participants will learn about sexual violence, sexual harassment and sexism, with a focus on workplace interactions. The conversation will include examining how different actions, behaviours, attitudes and beliefs contribute to unsafe work cultures. There will be an opportunity to examine how colleagues can intervene and support coworkers when they witness incidents.

Intro to Workplace Male Allyship
What does it mean to be an ally? How can you be an ally in the workplace? In this workshop, participants will learn about the process of allyship, including understanding our own power and privilege, and tangible steps we can take to support our colleagues.

Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence
How do you respond when someone discloses to you that they have experienced sexual violence? This workshop will give participants foundational knowledge of what sexual violence is, and will provide skills, tools and information to respond in an empathetic and supportive way.

Please email PubEd@sascwr.org to organize a training and inquire about fees.