Are you an elementary or high school teacher? A university professor or college instructor? Wherever you teach, these resources will engage your students in conversations around gender equity.


Radical Teacher

Teaching Tolerance

Online Articles

Everyday Feminism “13 Ways White Male Privilege Shows Up as Early as Elementary School” by: Maisha Z. Johnson

Everyday Feminism “4 Lies About School Dress Codes That Cover Up Their Oppressive Effects” by: Ellen Friedrichs

Everyday Feminism “5 Outrageous School Policies That Are Pushing Black Girls Out of Schools” by: Jennifer Loubriel

Everyday Feminism “They Tell You ‘Education Is the Great Equalizer’ – Here Are 20 Reasons That’s a Lie” by: Andrew Hernández


YouTube “Feminist high school boys ask: Are you a feminist?” by: Ileana Jiménez