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 “I am a huge fan of the work of the Sexual Assault Support Centre and the Male Allies program.  Being connected to this program, I’ve learned more about the challenge of consistently presenting a message of positive masculinity that counters the dominant, violent versions.  Thanks to all who carry this vision forward.  And, for making our community a safer place to live.”

Judah Oudshoorn
Professor, Bachelor of Community & Criminal Justice, Conestoga College
Male Allies


This [Young Men’s Group] should be mandatory for all male youth. I strongly believe that. After co-facilitating this group, it is clear to me that the curriculum teaches young men about essential life skills.”

Mark Wotton
Personal Support Worker, Family and Children’s Services


“Thank you for coming this morning to talk to our male athletes. You are a great resource in the community, the guys really responded to you. I want to talk about these things with them, but am not always sure how. This is something we will explore again in the future.”

Tom Mandich
Department Head, Health and Physical Education, St. Mary’s School


“Thank you! You did a great job and it was good to get the boys talking about a serious subject. Surprisingly I think they did a good job as well, they were talking about your presentation for a while after you left.”

Fernando Henriquez
Youth Outreach Worker

“I didn’t think I had any prejudice against anyone but after we did the [gender] box exercise I had to rethink how I react to people upon first meeting them. Very interesting and thought provoking presentation.”

Ontario Early Years Centre Staff Member

Young Men’s Group Participants


“This was the first time that I talked to other guys about my feelings. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be in this group when it started but I’m glad that I decided to stay.”

Grade 7 participant


“This group helped me to make new friends and learn about myself.”

Grade 7 participant


“My school has a bunch of programs for girls but nothing for guys. I didn’t know groups like this existed.”

Grade 8 participant

“I really enjoyed this group and learned that communication is key to healthy relationships.”

Grade 8 participant


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